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Charlie Jade’s Story

Tell us a bit about yourself Charlie.

Charlie Jade lives in the south part of the US. I have always loved reading and my main reading choice is romance. I like romance that gets a little detailed in the sex scenes. I like reading about the sexual tension and chemistry between the man and woman, especially when one tries to resist the other. 

I had an idea for a book in my head for years and finally sat down to put those thoughts to paper and the words kept coming. Four books in the series later and two stand alones, I am chugging along, not done. I am learning so much and I have not even published any of my books yet. I started writing my first book in May of 2021.

Everyone's got a unique process what's yours?

My information, or stories, come from dreams, old boyfriends and experiences, commonalities in reading other romance stories, and fantasies. 

Details are important. If you can visualize it, smell it, feel it, while you are engrossed in the story, then that is a good story. I have read a few stories that I was so invested in that I cried at the turning point in the book based on the emotion the author wrote.

I don’t use the term writer’s block, but more of a pause in the creative process.

You've been through it, what have you learnt?

Fortunately I haven’t made any major mistakes of my own, I am part of a few Facebook groups for authors and read their horror stories - You can learn from other's mistakes.

The most surprising thing I learnt after writing my book, proofing, editing, and then rereading it, was not liking my story anymore!

I also invested in Inker Mini Con which is proving to be a great investment.

If you could tell your younger writing self-anything, what would it be?

Pay attention in English class!! Set aside time to devote to writing. Don't rush anything!

I've not yet published it, you'll just have to keep searching for it!

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