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Jacqueline Walker’s Story

Tell us a bit about yourself Jacqueline?

My name is Jacqueline P. Walker, but everyone calls me Jackie. I was born in Jamaica and raised in Washington, DC. I have been a resident of Maryland for more than 30 years. In addition to writing, I love listening to music--the mix of melody of lyrics is sometimes soothing, sometimes invigorating and often inspiring.  I enjoy mentoring and guiding others and then watching them succeed and soar. 

I have always loved reading which influenced my interest in writing. Also, I grew up in a large Caribbean (Jamaican) family where "storytelling" is an essential activity.  Listening to stories, reminiscing on activities and events, and sharing or passing these stories across generations is weave into our family legacy.  Although I have not always written books.  I have written poems and essays for years. For years, I wrote poems for my family in lieu of buying cards for special occasions. As a matter of fact, I was a contributor to the everyday power blog site for several years, sharpening my blog skills writing inspirational and motivational articles that still appear there from time to time. So, I have always had the yearning to be a writer but am now just acting on it as a "seasoned" adult.

I wrote a chapbook of poetry and a book of personal essays about 10 years ago. But waited until I passed "mid-life" to write my first creative work, a fictional memoir, A Season of Disruption in 2021.

Everyone's got a unique process what's yours?

Many of my ideas are based on personal experiences or observations I take from encounters and conversations with friends or acquaintances. I like taking a simple event or idea and expanding it or dramatizing it to increase appeal.

"Reader must relate to character"

A good story, entices and enthralls the reader so that they don't want to put the book down because they want to see what happens next or how it ends.  That doesn't mean the book has to be a mystery, but the storyline must capture the readers curiosity so that want to learn more about the characters and the events the face. Or the reader must relate to the character so that they empathize, care, and understand the plight and continue reading in support.

I believe there are times when we hit a wall and need to take time to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves and our creativity.  So, I guess that I do believe in writer's block.

You've been through it, what have you learnt?

The most surprising thing I learned in creating my work is that there is power in sharing my story. Power to engage others, exchange information and build bridges across cultures and generations.

The best money I spent as a writer was on editing support. This support solidified my belief in the quality of my story and helped me to move forward with publishing my work.

Most writers are not self-promoters and find marketing difficult.  We have to be vigilant because there is always someone offering us a way to promote our work and even when they show credentials, we have to vet it multiple ways with multiple people before getting on board. I learned quickly so I am grateful that I haven't been hit too many traps, but they are out there so we need to keep our guards up.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self to throw caution to the wind and write.  Write, with-worry or fear of criticism. As long as you are doing from the heart and using the tools or experts to produce quality work, write and then PUBLISH your work.

I am promoting my book, A Season of Disruption. A Season of Disruption is a touching memoir that reminds readers that the determination to succeed outweighs the lingering trauma of trials. This story pays homage to generations of Caribbean women, who, like my mother, made that unimaginable choice to leave not merely their homelands, but their children--often without adult supervision or protection--hoping to secure a better future and unlimited opportunities. Their perseverance opened doors and created the foundation for strong family legacies.

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